2014-15 Master Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
2210:00AMVolleyball @ Missouri State University-West Plains
 Tyler Tournament
2212:00PMVolleyball @ Pensacola State College
 Tyler Tournament
2311:00AMVolleyball @ Lamar State College-Port Arthur
 Tyler Tournament
233:00PMVolleyball @ Navarro CC
 Tyler Tournament
276:00PMVolleyball vs. Northlake
2911:00AMVolleyball @ Midland College
 Temple Tournament
292:00PMVolleyball @ Brookhaven College
 Temple Tournament
309:00AMVolleyball @ Wharton County Junior College
 Temple Tournament
302:00PMSoftball @ Eastern
 at Durant, OK
303:00PMVolleyball @ Hill College
 Temple Tournament
304:00PMSoftball @ Western Texas College
 at Durant, OK
31:00PMVolleyball @ Seminole State College
510:00AMVolleyball vs. Wharton County Junior College
 North Central Invitational
512:00PMBaseball @ Ranger College
51:30PMVolleyball vs. Clarendon College
 North Central Invitational
610:00AMVolleyball vs. Navarro CC
 North Central Invitational
612:00PMVolleyball vs. Brookhaven College
 NCTC Invitational
64:00PMVolleyball vs. Seminole State College
 NCTC Invitational
112:00PMVolleyball vs. Coastal Bend
116:00PMVolleyball vs. Richland College
128:00AMWomen's Tennis @ TBA
 ACU Fall Open in Abilene
1210:30AMBaseball @ Weatherford College
 10:30 v Weatherford & 1:30 v Navarro
1212:00PMVolleyball vs. Arlington Baptist College
124:00PMVolleyball vs. Navarro CC
138:00AMWomen's Tennis @ TBA
 ACU Fall Open in Abilene
1310:30AMBaseball @ Weatherford College
 10:30 v Cisco & 1:30 v Northeast
133:00PMVolleyball @ Paris College
135:00PMVolleyball @ Richland College
 at Paris
166:00PMVolleyball vs. Temple College
171:00PMSoftball vs. Navarro CC
186:00PMVolleyball vs. Hill College
19 Baseball @ Dallas Baptist University
 NCTC Fall Tourn @ DBU Fri/Sat
198:00AMWomen's Tennis @ TBA
 Midwestern State Fall Open in Wichita Falls
20 Baseball @ Dallas Baptist University
 NCTC Fall Tourn @ DBU Fri/Sat
20 Softball @ TBA
 Southeastern Oklahoma State Univ. Festival
208:00AMWomen's Tennis @ TBA
 Midwestern State Fall Open in Wichita Falls
234:00PMVolleyball @ Ranger College
2410:30AMBaseball vs. Hill College
256:00PMVolleyball vs. Cisco College
26 Baseball vs. North Central Texas College
 Sophomore All Star Weekend Fri-Sat @ Round Rock Express Triple -A field
26 Softball @ Southern Nazarene University
268:00AMWomen's Tennis @ TBA
 ITA Small College Regionals in Tyler
278:00AMWomen's Tennis @ TBA
 ITA Small College Regionals in Tyler
12:00PMSoftball vs. Texas Wesleyan University
74:00PMVolleyball vs. Southwestern Christian College
812:00PMBaseball vs. Ranger College
96:00PMVolleyball @ Temple College
108:00AMWomen's Tennis @ TBA
 Collin College Fall Open in Plano
11 Softball @ TBA
 Henderson and OBU Festival
118:00AMWomen's Tennis @ TBA
 Collin College Fall Open in Plano
12 Softball @ TBA
 Henderson and OBU Festival
132:00PMBaseball vs. Dallas Christian College
146:00PMVolleyball @ Hill College
1512:00PMBaseball @ Northlake
164:00PMVolleyball vs. Ranger College
1712:00PMSoftball vs. Trinity Valley CC
1810:00AMBaseball vs. Eastfield College
 Parents & Cooke County Little League Cook-Out Day
184:00PMVolleyball @ Vernon College
216:00PMVolleyball @ Cisco College
236:00PMVolleyball vs. Tyler College
247:00PMSoftball @ North Texas
286:00PMVolleyball vs. Vernon College
304:00PMVolleyball @ Southwestern Christian College
37:00PMVolleyball @ Temple College
 Region V Tourney at UNT
3012:00PMBaseball @ Mountain View College
30Game 2Baseball @ Mountain View College
3112:00PMBaseball vs. Mountain View College
31Game 2Baseball vs. Mountain View College
412:00PMBaseball vs. Northlake
4Game 2Baseball vs. Northlake
73:00PMBaseball vs. Western Texas College
 @ DBU
7Game 2Baseball vs. Western Texas College
111:00PMBaseball vs. Richland College
132:00PMBaseball vs. Bossier-Parish CC
1412:00PMBaseball vs. Bossier-Parish CC
14Game 2Baseball vs. Bossier-Parish CC
162:00PMBaseball @ Eastfield College
206:00PMBaseball @ LSU - Eunice
212:00PMBaseball @ LSU - Eunice
221:00PMBaseball @ LSU - Eunice
252:00PMBaseball vs. Navarro CC
262:00PMBaseball @ Dallas Christian College
281:00PMBaseball vs. Rose State
28Game 2Baseball vs. Rose State
412:00PMBaseball vs. Hill College
4Game 2Baseball vs. Hill College
712:00PMBaseball @ Hill College
7Game 2Baseball @ Hill College
111:00PMBaseball @ Ranger College
11Game 2Baseball @ Ranger College
141:00PMBaseball vs. Ranger College
14Game 2Baseball vs. Ranger College
191:00PMBaseball vs. Temple College
19Game 2Baseball vs. Temple College
21Game 2Baseball @ Temple College
212:00PMBaseball @ Temple College
251:00PMBaseball @ Rose State
25Game 2Baseball @ Rose State
272:00PMBaseball @ Murray St.
282:00PMBaseball vs. Murray St.
11:00PMBaseball vs. McLennan Community College
1Game 2Baseball vs. McLennan Community College
31:00PMBaseball @ McLennan Community College
3Game 2Baseball @ McLennan Community College
81:00PMBaseball @ Grayson County College
8Game 2Baseball @ Grayson County College
151:00PMBaseball vs. Cisco College
15Game 2Baseball vs. Cisco College
181:00PMBaseball @ Cisco College
18Game 2Baseball @ Cisco College
221:00PMBaseball vs. Weatherford College
22Game 2Baseball vs. Weatherford College
251:00PMBaseball @ Weatherford College
25Game 2Baseball @ Weatherford College
291:00PMBaseball @ Vernon College
29Game 2Baseball @ Vernon College
21:00PMBaseball vs. Vernon College
2Game 2Baseball vs. Vernon College